New Policy: Due to the fact appointments are limited I am having to enforce a no call/no show policy and a late cancellation policy. I completely understand that things come up in our lives that are completely out of our control and we need to cancel appointments we were looking forward to. However there is also a client on the other end of that appointment who was turned down for that same spot because it was reserved just for you... This puts us in a position where we are not getting paid for our time.

The goal is to be as kind and understanding to everyone while also being fair to all parties involved. This is why I request at least 48 hours notice when canceling an appointment to avoid a fee. No Call/ No shows or late cancels will be need to pre-pay upon booking future appointments.

We appreciate everyone's understanding with these new policies & appreciate every one of our clients! You are the reason we are such a success! I am hoping this will make things fair for everyone involved. Thanks everyone!